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SEO Versus SEO That Makes Money?

If you’re a business owner, or you represent a business somewhere in the UK, you’ve probably found our website because you’re thinking about ways to get your current website to the top of Google. The vast majority of businesses want to reach the top of Google because they believe (either fully or in part) that being top of Google will bring their business more customers or clients.

It is true that a top ranking website can undergo a transformation in terms of customers, clients and income. But there are certain conditions that need to be in place for this to happen.

Being number 1 in Google does not automatically equal sharp increases in revenue.

There are certain factor and conditions that a website needs to have in place if more website visitors are going to result in phone calls, emails, appointments, sales or contracts.

So if and when you partner with an SEO company, try to keep in mind that being top of the search engines in only half of a true SEO campaign.

Unique SEO needs to include conversion strategies – elements on a website that have visitors taking the action of contacting a business to enquire about the products or SEO services offered. Once a website visitor contacts the business directly the website has completed its task and it’s now up to the individual on the other end of the phone, email to communicate effectively enough to change that prospect into a customer of the business.


Our SEO services have been built over years to perform with two specific approaches

The first – is to rank business websites on page 1 of Google for the keywords that reflect the products and services of the business they serve

The second – is having the specific on page elements of well written content, imagery and video correctly placed to direct visitors to contact the business directly.


Each on page element is positioned correctly to ensure the maximum conversion rate. This is achieved through continuous testing and measuring to see what content is performing and removing parts that are ineffective.

CoolBison is a little more than an SEO agency, we’re regarded as more of a search engine marketing company because of our comprehensive approach to online marketing and search engine optimisation.

If you’d like to get a free analysis of your existing website and see what you can do for your business, click the button to the right and complete our Discovery Page. Once we receive your application, we’ll go ahead and carry out a full no obligation analysis on your behalf and report the results to you via an email.

Thanks for listening

I’m Marcus Rockey