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CoolBison SEO Bristol

A robust, multi-device website is fundamental to ranking number 1.

Unless you’re in tip-top condition for search engines, it’s an uphill battle.

COOLBISON fix client’s websites and build powerful backlinks.

The results look like this:
SEO campaigns by SEO consultants Bristol

Organic growth

2.5 Year campaign
Started in May 2018, 189 daily users
Completed: Nov 2021,  2,643 daily users

Google Analytics track and report traffic.

Organic growth

5 Month campaign
Started in May 2021, 6 daily users
Completed: Aug 2021,  3,529 daily users

Frequently Asked Questions


Our SEO services charge a flat monthly retainer for a fixed period (4, 6, 9 or 12 months). See precisely how much it will cost and how long it will take to rank your website in search engines.

Cost is based on the number of hours we spend each month working on your campaign.

The number of industry competitors and the existing performance of your website determines how much time we need to invest into your project.


We are based two minutes from Cabot Circus. Since the Pandemic, our team has benefited from more remote working. SEO agency Bristol.


Links are a fundamental part of our SEO service, included in your monthly retainer. Link building is deployed once your website performance scores are optimised to best practices (usually month two). Metrics are tracked in Google Analytics and Search Console. 


Yes, our small team includes content writers who each specialise in their chosen industries. Content creation is scored across two areas, conversion copy and SEO value. Web copy is included in your monthly retainer. COOLBISON Bristol SEO agency was est in 2015. 

SEO Bristol

Company values

We work from a set of values that offer our clients confidence.

Do something well

We are fixed on SEO. It is the only thing we do. Businesses need specialists to achieve great results and SEO is our speciality.

Attention to detail

We focus on technical aspects. Our confidence in the subtleties of SEO analysis are earned from years of testing experience.


We are friendly and empathic, ensuring each client has the understanding they need during their SEO strategy.


We are open and honest with our clients, pursuing collaboration, trust and strong working relationships.

Straightforward approach to search engine optimisation

SEO means fundamental improvement in website performance and growth in search engine rankings. Implement well and search optimisation becomes an investment that lasts years as the genuine, cost-effective digital marketing solution.

Our Bristol SEO helps a target audience find a positive user experience via the latest search algorithm.

Our services

SEO is the service we provide. We put all of our energy into refining and improving to offer the finest service we possibly can. A single SEO service that is underpinned by testing, refining and retesting to garner the best outcomes for our clients.

A local bakers who partner with CoolBison SEO company Bristol.

Local SEO

Our local campaigns offer new prospects to businesses with a physical location (often brick and mortar) or who serve a geographical area.

Local search optimisation tends to cost less that national search results as there are less competing websites or businesses vying for page 1 rankings.

National distribution warehouse using CoolBison SEO agency Bristol.

Nationwide SEO

National search campaigns offer prospective customers or sales to businesses that are predominantly online or where geolocation is less relevant.

Nationwide search results usually cost more when there are more businesses competing for top search rankings, but it will depend on the industry or niche.

COOLBISON Bristol SEO agency

Clients we have backed to SEO success

Local and national businesses and start up brands who have benefited from SEO services by COOLBISON.

“CoolBison provided a full audit along with consultations to go through our specific requirements and goals and after a few months working together our goals have already been achieved.” Chris Wiltshire – founder, Wallboss

“The team have reliably kept our website among the top search results as well as proactively advising on any upcoming changes that are implemented by search engines and other elements that affect our website’s performance.”

Kelvin Nunn – Marketing manager

“Thanks for the great work you do. We want to continue our relationship, working with you closely.”

Craig Griffiths – Account manager


Years of search engine optimisation knowledge and experience.

What are the basic principles of SEO?

SEO (an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation) is a means to marketing a website by recognising the Web as a tool to business growth. In particular, Google search engines help folk answer questions within findable, related content.

Businesses look for SEO specialists within a common marketing agency framework. It usually includes:


They would like their website to be visible in search engines for search terms (keyword phrases) that web users include before finding a particular product, service, or resource.


An interest in local search engine results that include contact information, map listings (local where to find), reviews, video and/or product listings.


Benefiting from increased web traffic that leads to readership, increased brand awareness, more sales or donations and guiding into existing sales funnels.

SEO Services, Bristol, UK

Our SEO team was founded by Marcus Rockey, and provides professional SEO agency services that meet goals via increased exposure on the Web. In particular, company services focus on search terms related to a business brand, its products or services.

Our Bristol SEO services

-Technical SEO audits: Learn more about our specialised SEO Audits and checklists

-Keyword research: Phrased search results as they relate to products and services. It may include product pages, service guides or supporting content articles that send Web Traffic to a sales funnel.

-Link building strategy: Supporting a business to attain citations to their website from related sites, blogs, journals and news publications. Link building remains vital to our SEO campaigns.

-Content growth via a blog: Supportive content marketing that targets users who may be a way off from a buying decision but wanting more information.

-Competitor analysis: Understanding why search engines favour a particular brand or website and bettering those strategies.

-Conversion improvements: Testing key web pages to observe how users behave – using this understanding helping a web user engage with digital marketing plan.

We help local businesses and larger national brands, ecommerce, non-profits, and bloggers. We provide recommendations, consulting and implementation where it is wanted.

as a reliable and trusted seo bristol provider.

Find more information and the next steps

Get a quote for our SEO Bristol

Whether you are a Bristol local business, are situated in a region outside the South West or need a national programme, the simplest way to get a tailored campaign costing is to complete our Exposure form.

In return, we give you an initial technical audit of your website that an SEO expert carries out. It includes our findings, keywords, timelines together with your personalised SEO campaign and costs to deliver.

SEO company Bristol