Established July 2015

Team size 4

Client capacity 15

Preferred industries Health, automotive, building, design

Typical client campaign Local 8-Months, National 12-Months +

Client retention rate 83%

Strength Accurate understanding of client requirements and delivery within a set timeframe

 Weakness Team size – our work is all in-house so we are a small but well-drilled team with key skills

The reason we are in business: To make money helping local businesses online. Setting realistic and achievable goals so websites perform better.


Marcus Rockey founded CoolBison in 2015 from problem-solving ways of bringing users to websites, their products and services. He earned extensive skills in search engine optimisation that led to providing SEO Bristol services to local and national businesses and brands.

Aside from Marcus, CoolBison employs a single remote worker who manages the design and site security. Tejas Hapani has been working alongside Marcus since 2016.

Michelle plays a support role in all seo and video development activity.
Ruth now manages accounts.


How can a business see a result from SEO, quickly?

Under specific criteria, keywords research plays a role in our manual web audit:


  1. Phrases that are aligned with the products or services offered
  2. Such phrases have a monthly search volume in Google
  3. Ideally, phrases where the website is already positioned in the top 10 pages of Google
  4. Segmenting phrases by search volume and current position in Google


Keyword [A] has a monthly volume of 260 searches
Keyword [A] has user/buyer intent
The target website is positioned on page 6 of Google for this phrase

Visualise this a bit more:

A skip hire company in Bristol wants to increase online, domestic bookings for skips in and around the city.


Through our website audit, we find the phrase

‘Cheap skip hire Bristol’

This keyword has an average monthly volume of 260 searches

The website is positioned midway on page 6 for this keyword


There is a short term win available. Depending on the condition of the website it is viable to bring it to mid-page 1 of Google within a 3 to 4-month period.


The analysis also highlights the keyword

‘Skip hire Bristol’
The keyword has an average monthly volume of 1,600 searches
The website is positioned on page 14 for this phrase

Having the website appear mid-page 1 for ‘skip hire Bristol’ is going to take longer as the website is way off (13 pages) and the keyword is more competitive.

Typically, the shorter the keyword phrase and the higher the search volume, the more competitive. There are more skip hire companies vying for the top few positions in Google compared to a longtail phrase.


The result.


This strategy helps our client to make money online.


We target both keywords with a focus on the low hanging fruit first.

‘Cheap skip hire Bristol’ mid page 1 in 3 to 4 months
‘Skip hire Bristol’ mid page 1 in 6 to 8 months


For clients, there are advantages to this approach. The more obvious one is increasing online bookings in 12 to 16 weeks.

Our client can identify that search engine optimisation is effective and they can see that bookings will continue to rise as they climb Google for related phrases with a greater search volume.

CoolBison may be able to help your business in a similar way. But, it will depend on a few factors to understand what can be accomplished in a set period. Click the button below and fill out our Exposure form now. We will respond with a manual audit of your website and presence in Google search.