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Effective Search Engine Optimization via SEO Content Marketing

“We’re in dire need of some search engine optimisation help, said the founder of a small, well established and successful business located in my local area of Bristol. “My staff are making genuine efforts at marketing the business online, but I’m damned, we don’t get shares, likes, tweets or comments. Our content just sits there, and it’s demoralising for my team, and depressing for me. Luckily we’re doing well offline, using newspapers ads, footfall and a fine reputation.

It’s pretty difficult to work in search engine optimisation in Bristol without hearing these kinds of grievances, again and again.

When things go wrong on a business website, it’s usual for people to point the finger at tech or a lack of an online presence with local SEO. It’s understandable. Organics search, whether it is a local SEO presence of national SEO assault, plays a hugely important role in today’s business strategy.

Although SEO is a huge problem for many a local business and the lion’s share of webpages are not properly optimised for SEO, we often find that content; quality, well-written, engaging content, is simply missing, and is causing a social, lead generation and overall business problems…Missing out on traffic through well executed SEO is, in part, a symptom of a poor content problem.

But it’s noteworthy that many an established and well-groomed local business in the UK is rather naive when it comes to understanding the value of SEO for their business. Consider the power at the disposal of a business that appears in the top spots for a closely related keyword phrase that’s directly linked to the products and services that business offers. Being sat number one in the organic results it’s a jackpot scenario, provided you have wonderful, compelling content for people to drool over once they arrive.

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