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Paid Search

The paid search space offers accurate and measurable investments, more so than all other forms of advertising. Therefore, paid search (PCC Adwords management) and projected return on investment are bound into a naturally close relationship. With a tailored approach typical local or national UK businesses can quickly scale their investment and create real growth in online exposure, leads, customers and clients.

CoolBison Bristol offer Google best practice Pay Per Click (PPC Adwords management) to support Bristol and Bath businesses yield the best digital results.

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Google Partners

As an official Google Partner our company have sat qualification exams that include:

Display Advertising
Search Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Google Shopping
Google Analytics

Certain criteria must be met for membership into the Google partnership platform. Our company is proud to be one of just 5,000 global partners. Google examinations are one step in the process to badged partnership status. Our small team are dedicated to the return on investment model. We continually develop our strategic skill with the materials Google provide us, coupled with crafted innovation and technique that brands our services as both unique and robust.


Learn about our clients successes

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Established Results

Having an ocean of agencies offering a PPC service can leave business owners overwhelmed when deciding who is going to support them through a successful and profitable campaign. We enjoy a list of past and present clients, impeccable resources and a history of substantial results. Rally us into action for we’d love to show you how we have delivered for some leading Bristol and UK businesses.


Industry Analysis

Leveraging your competition by measuring their strengths and weaknesses allows us to run appraisal of your industry and identify where your business is going to enjoy the greatest success with each penny spent.


Keyword Findings

We work with the keyword tools that Google provide us and are skilled in maximising their potential by discovering the keywords that fit your company’s individual outcomes. Analysis and segmentation support core positive and negative keyword target groups.



Targeting is a broad word in digital marketing. We can focus on specific cities and radius. Language types, devices and search location all lend to finding the groups of consumers that are most important to your business.


Converting Copy

Part of our best practice is A/B testing of text and imagery for each individual ad to help drive the highest click through rate (CTR) and conversion.


Market Optimised

Tailored systems allow us to manage your campaign through ‘rules’ and ‘filters’. Correct management of these aspects garner higher returns on investment. The result is tightly targeted groups of website visitors exposed to the content and offers that your business expose.


Organic Growth in Paid Search

Today’s audiences are growing in sophistication and their approach to finding the correct online information is metamorphosing month on month. Elaborate keyword searches and ‘long tail’ questions can be understood and leveraged with our dynamic PPC techniques.

PPC Bristol & Bath Adwords Management Service built by Bristol business for Bristol and Bath businesses.

CoolBison Site Clinic Service?

PPC can be a powerful online tool for discovering new customers and clients. A big part of its effectiveness comes down to how well your site is structured. How good your content is. How well your website is already optimised.

We offer a free PPC Management Site Clinic Service so you can understand the detail before making any kind of investment.

Included service:

  • On-page review
  • Keyword targets
  • Broad & narrow targeting
  • Ad copy & image copy
  • Mobile/Responsive analysis
  • Market optimisation

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Local Knowledge PPC

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“Alright my luvvers?
We is Bristol’s  SEO experts, innit!

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The original Bristol Babbers”

Our local knowledge brings value. But our work spans the whole of the UK and North America.

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  Included Service


  • PPC Site Clinic Service
  • Competition research and analysis
  • Dynamic keyword drills
  • Strategic PPC blueprint
  • Ad copy
  • Ad copy A/B testing
  • Positive/negative keyword optimisation
  • Bid optimisation
  • Click path analysis
  • CoolBison extensive reporting
  • Exclusive Adwords discounts & offers


PPC Site Clinic Service

Our clinic gives existing PPC business users an unbiased analysis of their current campaign so they can understand where improvements can be actioned to garner higher click through rates (CTR) and returns on investment (ROI.)

If you instinctively know that your campaign should be getting more from its monthly spend our Site Clinic Service will be a great first step for your business to take. It means you can better understand the health of your online advertising before you invest further.

CoolBison are an Official
Google Partners Certified Business

  • AdWords Certified
  • Analytics Certified
  • Mobile Advertising Certified
  • Shopping Advertising Certified
  • Video Advertising Certified

official Google Partners badge for CoolBison SEO
The Google Partner badge means that we are a trusted agency. It demonstrates that we have a healthy business, our clients are happy and that we follow Google’s guidelines to best practice. As one of only 5,000 global partners CoolBison are proud to represent Bristol’s local charities and businesses.

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Google Mobile Updates

Mobile search is dominating today’s online behaviour. Latest statistics show that averages of 66% of all searches are performed on a mobile device. Mobile PPC is the management of sponsored ad listings (AdWords) within search engine results.

Similarly to traditional desktop search, mobile ads involve a compelling headline, benefit driven description, clickable telephone number and link to the landing page that’s being promoted.

One of the big differences with mobile ads is the condensed space to which an ad can appear. Well written and compelling copy and keyword usage is incredibly important for any PPC campaign that delivers results and return on investment.


A Mobile Friendly Website

In 2015 Google rolled out the infamous ‘mobile update’ that continues to affect natural search results (SEO) through the UK and worldwide. One key element to a mobile website is ease of use. Clickable telephone numbers, simple to navigate Google Maps, space between links and other important data all lend to high converting, compelling mobile websites.

Whether you are locked out of your house and need a locksmith in a hurry or wish to check the latest flight times at your local airport, mobile searchers want instant results with the click of a button.

Did you know that Google have a separate search engine algorithm for desk top and mobile search? No businesses that wishes to leverage today’s online resources can successfully do so without a well optimised mobile website.

CoolBison have dedicated systems and resources that transform any WordPress or HTML website into a mobile friendly version. We include the vital elements to conversion within every mobile website we build, thus ensuring your business gets the most from every single click it receives.



Let us support your business with simple and effective trackable phone numbers for mobile. As your visitors focus on speed and ease of service your business can enjoy higher click through rate and lead generation. Now your potential customer doesn’t even need to visit your website to contact you. They can simply ‘click to call’ and reach your business in seconds – Google wants to serve the best results in the shortest amount of time for each customer they serve (searchers.)


Branded Seeps

Imagine that searchers we using your business’s brand name to locate you online, only to learn that many of those branded searchers ended up visiting and buying from your competition.

An average of 27% of all branded searches results in the searcher finding your competition and not you. With careful keyword drilling we are able to identify your traffic seeps and support your business into shoring up that loss of targeted traffic and digital kudos.

Our specialist knowledge will uncover the gaps within existing marketing campaigns, instantly saving money and further loss of precious brand search traffic.


Proprietary Landing Pages

Our small but passionate team are big on brand awareness. CoolBison are experienced in creating, testing and retesting high converting webpages. A/B testing is easily misunderstood but with careful planning and attention to detail we shall build your mini sites and landing pages that grow your business.