SEO For Local Business. Common Sense Things to Do For Your Website

By 31st January 2016blog

Whether your business needs customer getting local SEO, or global exposure, there are some amazingly simple things that business owners can do to get their website seen by Google search. If you’re a small business taking care of your own website and online presence, or a national brand that has a team of web developers at your disposal, the fundamentals of SEO will always apply…

To use an analogy – When you want to bake a cake you ensure there are the right ingredients, that you have ¬†some utensils, a hot oven and a clean pair of hands. Search engine marketing also needs some fundamental ingredients in place if it’s going to succeed. In this short video interview with the head of Google spam, Matt Cutts explains a few essential every website will need if it’s to make the coveted top 10 positions in the Google search engines.

Side note: Web developers are not search engine marketers, and they require two quite different skill sets, although there are obvious links. So don’t rely on the guy or gal that created your website to get it appearing on page one. But you could show them this video so they have some of the basics in place for you, before you go and pay for local SEO.