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Business or pleasure? It’s all good…

It’s impossible to deny that “blogging” is a powerful tool that offers plenty of benefits for businesses, as well as individuals. If you aren’t so sure, the following 20 top benefits associated with blogging are sure to change your mind.

1. Build a Network

“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” -Robert Kiyosaki Creating a blog with posts that are both interesting and provide valuable information will attract readers. While some of them will comment on your site and send you personal messages asking for help, others will be looking to help you. The truth is that a blog is an ideal platform for reaching out to others.


2. Find a Better Job

According to Media Bistro, nine out of ten companies look at online profiles prior to making a new hire. Why? Employers want employees who have a strong online influence. For brands, word of mouth validation is one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of marketing available. In simple terms, employers want employees who have a positive online influence and blogging is an easy way to achieve this.


3. Take Control of Your Online Identity

Whether you are an individual or a business, there is probably plenty of information about you online. Obviously, you want anyone who searches for you online to get the best and most accurate picture of who you are and what you are about. A blog is an ideal way to cover all your bases regarding your online identity and ensure that the top return when your name is searched online gives the right impression.


4. Create a New Business

You may be surprised to learn that more than one blog that started as a hobby turned into a full-time business. Take Pat Flynn, for example. He started Green Exam Academy to share his insights on architecture. Unfortunately, he was later laid off from his job and decided to become a more serious blogger. Within a year, his blog had become a $100,000 per year business.


5. Build Online Trust

Buying trust is something you simply can’t do. It has to be earned, especially online. Good bloggers who routinely post honest, valuable blog posts can do just that. As you earn more people’s trust, you’ll find it is easier to accomplish your own online goals.


6. Improve your SEO

The overall goal of search engine  optimisation is to give users the results they want. When you publish blog posts that are filled with good information about a topic, Google notices it. With every high-quality blog post you publish you increase your opportunity to get traffic when a search is performed.


7. Draw More Customers to Your Current Business

A website that never changes doesn’t attract too many new customers. However, a Bristol website that has regularly updated blogs tends to produce a steady stream of leads from all over the world. When you publish blog posts that potential customers can truly benefit from, they begin to respect you as an expert in your field. As a result, they are more likely to be more interested in using your business or purchasing your products later on.


8. Help Others

A good blog helps its readers. For example, Income Diary offers free information and advice about making money online. Then, there are blogs that provide information on various diseases, raising children, losing weight, and much more. Still others, work to mobilise groups of people to raise money and take action for various causes. Overall, a blog has the power to educate, encourage, and bring like-minded people together.


9. Learn More About Certain People

Bloggers spend a lot of their time sharing insights and ideas. However, if you listen, you’ll soon realise that readers share a lot too. Reading comments, tweets, and forum posts is a great way to learn about your readers.


10. Improve Your Writing Skills

To improve your writing skills, you have to write. After all, the more you do it, the better you will become. Writing is exactly what a Bristol blogger does.


11. Become a Published Author

In today’s world, publishers are much less likely to take a chance on an unknown author. After all, it’s much easier and lucrative to give a contract to a writer with a built-in audience. Having a blog may be the best way to become a published author.


12. Express Yourself

A Bristol blog definitely gives you the opportunity to express yourself with words, sounds, and images. This is true for personal blogs that essentially act as a diary, as well as formal business blogs.


13. Get Immediate Feedback

When an author finishes a book, he or she has to wait months (if not longer) to get feedback from reviews. For bloggers, it is the opposite. As soon as they publish a post, they can start reading reader’s comments. This is ideal if you enjoy getting an outsider’s perspective or a bit of constructive criticism.


14. Establish Yourself as an Expert

While it is true that anyone can start a blog on absolutely any subject, over time, you’ll set yourself apart. Your site will no longer be “just another blog.” Instead, it will be a testament to your knowledge in a specific field. When visitors see that you have real insight into a subject, they’ll soon realise you are an expert in your field, which is certainly a good thing. You may even be considered for awards, job opportunities, or consulting opportunities.


15. Talk to Your Idols

Through your blog, you may be able to develop the online credibility that is needed to make your idols take notice. Depending on your blog topic and how it fits into your idol’s life, you may find that they will actually take the time to sit down and talk you. Hey, it might make a great blog post!


16. Stay Knowledgeable in Your Field

Starting a blog is a great and effective way to keep up to date on all the latest information in your field. Routinely posting new content means that you will always be looking for new information to share with your readers.


17. Keep up With the Most In-Demand Skills

Platforms that make blogging easy, such as WordPress, mean that you really don’t need a huge grasp of computer programming to get started. However, through blogging, you are likely to learn about everything from CSS and HTML to web design, all skills that are highly valuable in this day and time. You’re even likely to pick up on content marketing, SEO, graphic design, and social media marketing.


18. Collect Emails

Although social media is definitely important, email remains the most reliable form of online communication. Why? People routinely check their email and look to it for receiving important updates. Unfortunately getting someone to give you their personal email address isn’t always easy…unless you have a direction connection to them, which you can do through blogging.


19. Sell Products

A blog can double as a virtual store. Many bloggers have found success selling anything from memberships to books through their blog.


20. Gain Influence

Sure, becoming an activist, politician, or blogger is perfect for anyone who wants to change the world. Of course, becoming a blogger can too. After all, you will have access to a large audience of people who trust and respect you.   The following 20 benefits are just a small glimpse at everything keeping a blog has to offer. What other benefits can you think of? Below is our instructional v