Local listings with CoolBison Search Engine Optimisation


It’s not the official name, but it does help explain the set of local businesses in Bristol (or your local area) that Google presents to you upon using a keyword phrase. The results come from your searches for information, businesses, organisations or products that you want to find out about.

Companies like CoolBison can help get local business seo services in Google map listings. This is especially helpful for businesses that offer emergency services such as locksmiths or pest controllers. 

Others will know the 7 pack as “Map Pins” | “Get on Google” | “Maps for Business” or “The Blended Pack”

Look at the local search results for “Car Dealers Bristol.” Here you can see targeted results of Car Dealers in the Bristol area – perfect! The 7 pack results are what Google believes to be the most relevant for a particular search. They don’t appear by accident.

the seven pack list

It’s easy to see why this kind of result is so ideal. It provides exactly what the searcher is asking for, and local relevant businesses get the perfect opportunity to display themselves in a wonderfully targeted way.

If you’re a Car Dealers operating in the Bristol area but you’re not listed in this 7 pack you are certainly missing fresh targeted leads and revenue.
If you were to hover your mouse over any of these addresses, the pins will highlight on the corresponding map to the right of the “7 pack.”

map pins


Having your business listed in the 7 pack for appropriate keywords means you will get a percentage of traffic (visitors) and leads going to your website for that keyword phrase in your nearest city. But the biggest rewards come when you are sat in the top 3, but specifically the #1 position is where you’ll receive the biggest benefits…If you’re going to do this you’ll obviously want the greatest number of leads you possibly can.

[Directly above or below the business pack are the organic results for your keyword search.

7 pack and organic search results

This is traditional SEO and being in the #1 position here reaps the biggest rewards of all. So it’s important to realise that organic #1 rankings will bring more traffic, leads and sales than #1 in the seven pack. But CoolBison have always found seven pack listings to be hugely beneficial for local business; particularly those businesses that thrive with mobile search (restaurants, hair salons, pizza takeaway etc. – mobile search pulls local business listings ahead of organic.)]

google search

Looking at the monthly search traffic for the keyword “car dealers bristol”, you’ll see that even a minimal increase of just 10% (but you’d expect a much bigger percentage than that) could bring a listed car dealership 48 new leads and potential customers/sales…And this is only for the search term “car dealers Bristol.” It’s possible to have your site listing for other related keywords such as “car dealers in Bristol” and “Bristol car dealers.” But let’s stick on the side of caution for this example and come up with the worst case scenario.

google business listings


Consider what your typical customer value is then estimate that you convert 20% of your new online leads into paying customers.

Example: Customer Value £550
Leads Per Month: 48 (10% of 480 searches per month)
Converted Leads in to Customers: 10 (approx 20% conversion rate)
Revenue Result From Listing: Customers 10 x Value £550 = £5500 (one month)

Your placement in the 7 pack will determine how many fresh and targeted leads your business will generate online. This applies to a wide range of markets and niches such as Plumbers, Restaurants, Plastic Surgeons, Clothing Outlets and Gas Engineers, Builders Merchants and the list goes on!

Getting your business advertised and listing to the TOP of Google’s 7 pack is really the hardest part. Once you are there it simply requires monthly monitoring and updates as and where necessary.

If you’re thinking about loss of revenue and a lack of quality targeted leads to your website and business we can help you dominate competition and breathe new life into your business.