Finding the strategy that meets your need


You have three routes to getting your business found on Google. Pay Per Click Ads (or PPC), traditional search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, and Google My Business. Google My Business makes it reasonably simple to make sure your local business information can be easily found across Google, including on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+. As Google’s business service develops, it’s becoming increasingly important (in order to get your business information found) to optimize corresponding business websites within our WordPress SEO agency Bristol.

It’s important to realise that up to 85% of first time visitors to a typical website come directly from search engines! This is huge for business and really the finest way to generate targeted leads and experience new customers…But as there’s still a little confusion about paid ad’s verses organic listings, we have put together this page to clear up any misunderstandings, and bring you a great offer.

ppc or seo

From this page one Google Listings we see that the area marked red is paid listing and the green is organic. There are a great number of elements to organically ranking (SEO) a web property on the first page and particularly the first position. You can’t pay Google to be at the top of the list…Your site needs to be optimised and be the most relevant to claim these sought after 10 positions. This will include great content, (articles, images,video,) relevant keywords, on-page optimisation, social signals and powerful links pointing back to your website from other authoritative sites.

The difficulty for even a WordPress SEO expert to rank a site or other social properties depends on how competitive the keyword phrases are that your business needs to appear for. But regardless of the competition it will take some time to optimize a site to page one and position one of the real Google search engines.

SEO is a long term business strategy but the return on investment will be vast, provided the search engine optimisation is executed perfectly. This cannot be taken lightly as there are droves of SEO companies that work for UK businesses and outsource the portfolio to foreign countries. It’s a horrifying fact of modern SEO that cheap prices equals cheap labour and extremely low quality SEO…And when the damage has been done it will take a significant effort and price tag to undo the damage.

At CoolBison we take great pride in carrying out all of our own work here in Bristol UK. Due to our methods we cannot work with every business that wants us. Click here to find out more about us and exactly how to get on Google.


Sponsored ads are set by a cost per click (also known as CPC) for particular keywords. The CPC is determined by the keyword phrases you want to rank for and how much your competitors are bidding for the number one position.

Paid ads are especially important for businesses that don’t already have an online presence through search engine optimisation. You can quickly expand your brand awareness while targeting prospects who are actively looking for the kind of products and services you offer. Other benefits include getting on top of the Google search engines in just a day or two and having a web presence for high converting keyword phrases.

However, it’s almost too easy to overspend on your ads and waste money. Google have introduced a “Quality Score” that basically means you pay more for your ads if your website is not correctly optimised for the keyword phrases you target.

The relevance of the “landing page” (where the visitor is sent after they click the ad) is also another factor as to where your ad appears. For example, if you had an ad for new cars but the landing page took the visitor to a used car landing page, your ad may be relegated.

If you are considering a PCP campaign for your business I’m afraid you are in the wrong place as we are not PCP experts; although we strongly recommend you access a professional service if you haven’t used PCP before.

CoolBison offer unmatched, cutting-edge,  search engine optimisation, using tried and tested, rinse and repeat methods. We are ranking scores of websites for hundreds of keyword phrases.

“Google My Business” is a perfect way to start SEO. It’s free to list your business but knowing how to get on Google and be consistently found, requires understanding and skill. If you’re interested in an online presence with return on investment we’d like to hear from you.