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Finding the strategy that meets your need


You have three routes to getting your business found on Google. Pay Per Click Ads (or PPC), traditional search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, and Google My Business. Google My Business makes it reasonably simple to make sure your local business information can be easily found across Google, including on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+. As Google’s business service develops, it’s becoming increasingly important (in order to get your business information found) to optimize corresponding business websites within our WordPress SEO agency Bristol.

It’s important to realise that up to 85% of first time visitors to a typical website come directly from search engines! This is huge for business and really the finest way to generate targeted leads and experience new customers…But as there’s still a little confusion about paid ad’s verses organic listings, we have put together this page to clear up any misunderstandings, and bring you a great offer.

ppc or seo

From this page one Google Listings we see that the area marked red is paid listing and the green is organic. There are a great number of elements to organically ranking (SEO) a web property on the first page and particularly the first position. You can’t pay Google to be at the top of the li