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Creating a Facebook Business Page


Simple 5 Step Guide


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COOLBISON is a local Google expert in Bristol

Business owner that are not taking advantage of Facebook are almost certainly missing out on some major opportunities. With more than 800 million people using Facebook each day, it’s become the must-have platform for inbound marketing and finding new customers or clients.

The FB platform is ever changing with new features, apps and custom sections. So don’t waste another day of your life aimlessly trying to figure out how to get your business page set up and running. It’s time for action.

Mercedez-Benz has done a wonderful job in perfecting their business page. High performing, attractive pages that engage the consumer can be used as a template for your business page developments.


Notice their “Sign Up” tab? It’s in full view of the reader and once you click it your directed to their landing page.



You’re asked to opt-in for the Mercedez-Benz news letter, updates, inside information and more…This lead generation strategy alone is worth it’s weight in gold. Small and medium sized business may like to take this strategy and make it their own.

Below you’ll find our simple 5 step guide to setting up a Facebook Business Page. But CoolBison can take care of this for you with a stunning offer.  We’ll set up a “Google optimised FB business page for you… And we’ll take care of the whole process for just £39.00. There are no hidden fees or extras. One small payment and we’ve got the whole process covered.

I’m not sure how much your time is worth, but it will take at least a couple of hours for a beginner to go through the process of a page set up, and that’s without optimisation for the Google search engines. So our bargain offer is an easy decision for most busy business owners in the UK.

If you want us to build your FB Business Page head to the bottom of this post and fill in the short form.

If you want to set up your own page check out our step by step guide below.


Step 1 – Classification

To start, navigate to This page will showcase six different classifications to choose from:


Local Business or Place

Company, Organization, or Institution

Brand or Product

Artist, Band, or Public Figure


Cause or Community

Each of these classifications provides more relevant fields for your desired Page that’s best suited to your business.


Step 2 – Complete Basic Information

Facebook will walk you through the following six sections to complete the essential aspects of your Page.

Complete the “About” Section

The “about” section must serve around 3 sentences to describe your business. This important section sits on your main page, so ensure it’s descriptive and appealing to your audience. Make sure you add your company website as well ( This section is a great place to separate your business brand from that of your competitors. See if you can pull up something unique and remarkable about your business that your competitors can’t offer.

You can also select your unique domain (which can only be changed once so be sure to get it right). For example, the CoolBison Facebook Page employs the URL FB tends to change the vanity URL requirements from time to time but currently you’ll need at least 25 likes to get your unique domain. You can go for your brand name (recommended) or a keyword phrase that customers would punch into Google to find the products or services you offer.

Upload a Profile Pic

This is one of the first things your visitor will see when they land on your page and decide if they will “Like” it or click away. The dimensions are 180×180 pixels. You can use your company logo or a nice photograph of your face can also work well.

Sub Categories

This is an important section to complete as it tells Facebook about the nature of your business and the categories it should be found under when people are searching things and looking for content that is interesting to them.


Be sure to complete your address in full. It’s a bombshell to discover that wherever your business address is found online counts as a business listing or citation, and this helps in the Google search results.

Reach More People

Facebook will prompt you to start paid ads with them right off the cuff. If you do pay for advertising we still recommend that you avoid spending money at this stage – it would be a waste considering there’s no valuable content that would encourage a visitor to “Like” your page.

Page Roles

Whether or not you’ll be the main manager of the Page, there may be others at your organisation that needs access to your Facebook Page. Here, you can invite other colleagues to make changes to your Pages. They’ll need to like the page first via their personal profile before they can be added as an administrator or contributor.


Step 3 – Admin panel

The basic skeleton of your page is now live. You’ll be asked if you wish to “Like” your own page. We recommend against this for the mean time. Your activity will show up in your personal News Feed and those personally connected to you may see your updated status. It’s fine, but without any content yet it’s better to save your “Like” for the time when you’re really ready for people to view your new page.

In the top navigation bar you’ll find the setting tab, click on that.  Along the left side, a vertical navigation bar with different sections should appear. We’ll focus on three core ones now here:

Page Info: This is where you can add additional details about your business. This section will also unveil different fields based on the classification you chose in Step 1.

Notifications: This section allows you to customize when and how you’d like to receive Page alerts. Set a frequency that fits your social media marketing schedule.

Page Roles: Whether or not you’ll be the main manager of the Page, there may be others at your organization who need access to your Facebook Page.


Step 4 – Add content

You can publish content right away and ask users to be a part of your growing community.

There’s 6 different posting options available but remember that you’re page will grow and evolve over time as you publish more update