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A mobile friendly website will add a huge advantage over competition as many businesses are yet to make this essential upgrade.


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61% Of Google searches are now on mobile devices. Do your customers use a mobile to find you?

Hold on to your market share. Via a new update Google are severely hampering mobile websites which are not easy to use for your customers or clients.   If they have to pinch the screen to read about the service your offering expect your page to be pushed back by google.

Your page will have very little chance of appearing on page one. But also have less chances of even appearing on subsequent pages.  So it’s imperative to find a solution.

Google is continually updating it’s method of displaying results.  Mostly these updates are minor and need to be only known by a specialist mobile marketing agency, however this one is critical if your business relies on mobile searches.

Changes in customer behaviour. Have you ever noticed how your mobile shows different results from your desktop?

Google  has two processes for how it lists your business when a customer searches for you. One for the desktop and one for a mobile, and mobile devices such as Ipads.

Furthermore with people in the habit of using Google search instead of typing in web addresses basic searches e.g. an event, company information, and general research will be effected by this critical update.

CoolBison seo services Bristol manage the process of going mobile friendly, so you pass the Google tests. We’ll research and implement in such a way that you’ll see a spike in where you appear in Google.  Take the next steps to preserving and enhancing your google rankings.

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Travelling home a couple want to order pizza, they search ‘best pizza restaurant Bristol’. They find this mobile result of your business.


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