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We deliver for some established names and brands across Bristol, the UK and America. In a competitive industry we are proud of our client centered approach and the positive results it generates. Scroll below and see for yourself.

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 A Results Driven agency

Strong, healthy client relationships, coupled with cutting-edge execution of high quality work, are central to our success. By understanding our clients’ businesses, we stand on a unique, guaranteed search engine marketing service.

Read some of our case studies below, and see what all the fuss is about.

OEG Interiors have accomplished 736 Page 1 rankings in Google search

Here are a handful of them:

Keyword Phrase

Office fit out Bristol
Office design Swindon
Office interior design Cheltenham
Office plan and design Cardiff
Office design Gloucester

Before Optimisation

Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages

After Optimisation

2nd & 3rd

Image of clients 1's logo


OEG Interiors Bristol & Cardiff

Sector: Commercial Office Interior Design
OEG needed the best exposure that Google offers for regions including Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, Swindon, Cheltenham, Chippenham and Cardiff, South Wales. 

After 10 months of dynamic planning and execution, CoolBison pushed OEG Interiors website high up onto page 1 of Google for multiple keywords, across all desired regions, through England and South Wales.

Our client continues to enjoy increased lead generation and client acquisition as a direct result of the search marketing services we have provided.

Western Counselling have accomplished 97 Page 1 rankings in Google search

Check below:

Keyword Phrase

Rehab Bristol
Residential rehab Bristol
Alcohol detox Bristol
Best rehab in Bristol
Drug detox Bristol

Before Optimisation

Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages
Outside top 10 pages

After Optimisation


Western Counselling W-S-M Bristol

Sector: Drug, Alcohol Addiction & Mental Health
Western Counselling’s website had been de-indexed by Google. Our first task was to identify the causes, solve them and submit to Google for reconsideration.

Once Western’s website was reintroduced into Google search we pushed them high onto page 1 for over a dozen local keyword phrases that compliment their unique, specialist services.

Today, Western Counselling have extended their profile with us and we are pursuing a national search engine marketing campaign. We look forward to continuing success over the coming months. 

CoolBison client 2 image
CoolBison client 3 logo


Discovery Rhinoplasty

Sector: Cosmetic Surgery
Discovery Rhinoplasty was a relatively young business when we first partnered. Their needs were simple; rank highly in Google for keyword phrases related to cosmetic nose surgery in Bristol and Bath.

Their online portfolio was completed in just over seven months and they continue to appear high in Google search for their preferred keyword phrases.

Before partnership, Discover were getting less than 2% of new clients via their website. Today that figure has increased to almost 45%.

Used Cars Bristol

Sector: Automotive
Used Cars Bristol’s main focus was to appear high in Google for local, automotive keyword phrases, and get improved exposure across social channels.

We set about building and optimising their website and social pages to develop their brand and increase exposure in Google search. Equally important was creating a synergy between their website and car listings with Autotrader.

Today UCB enjoy healthy Google rankings and improved conversion from their trade advertisements with Autotrader.co.uk, all resulting from a measured, holistic SEO portfolio campaign.

CoolBison client 4 image
CoolBison client 5

Tracey Maggs

Sector: Hair & Beauty
Tracey Maggs is an independent hair care and beauty technician salon that serves south and central Bristol.

Our first task was to redesign the Tracey Maggs website using WordPress, and verify their business with Google local.

Our client operates a little differently to most businesses because they set limitations to the number of new clients they serve week on week. We adapted to this model by generating capped leads through the Google local, and the third party industry platform Wahanda.

Since completing our optimisation program, Tracey Maggs enjoys a steady stream of new clients month on month. This flow has prevented overwhelm, which was an important element to their overall business model.


We have partnered with businesses throughout England, Wales and the United States.

We’d really love to show you more client portfolios and live rankings in Google search. All you need to do is telephone our office and schedule an appointment. We will give you a live demonstration whilst we are talking with you on the telephone.

Our Live Ranking Demonstration (LRD) includes local, national and international Google search results that we’ve achieved over recent years. In fact, we have over 6,100 page 1 rankings in Google right now.

Let us show you why we are a nationally recognised and trusted search engine optimisation Bristol.