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How to optimise blog posts for the benefit of seo


Lots of us have written great content, spent hours researching it but haven’t much luck with getting readership.  If you already have posted your blog you can still optimise the post, check out the training video below, where we cover:

  • Title tag optimisation
  • Specifically, H1 Tag optimisation
  • Inner-linking
  • Keyword research tips

At our Bristol SEO Agency event, a lot of you have asked what is the importance of blogging? Does it support SEO? We ask people to take a step back and consider the result you want.  Naturally it’s not just to drive users to your site. You’ll probably have an end purpose…

  • Do you want them to sign to an email newsletter?
  • Do you want them to request more information?
  • Do you want them to enjoy the content?
  • Do you want them to buy?
  • Do you want them to call your business?

The first thing to really decide is the purpose of the blog post.  You’ll need a few tools to get the best out of a blog post.

  • AdWords – or alternative keyword research tool
  • Search Console
  • Admin access to your Website
  • A good understanding of your sales process


Be natural – emotional headline

You should write the blog naturally, good grammar is important, and a compelling image can help you keep people engaged. We’ll let the video go through the technical details of getting visitors to the blog.  If your brand is strong and has a lot of authority on Google you are in great position to take advantage of the content on your site and it is well worth going through your old posts and optimising them.

Get Hands On! – Get to know what you should be doing on your blogs!

Give it a go and do it yourself? Below is a preview of a tutorial, if you would like the full complimentary video complete the contact form and will get back to you within 24 hours

Is your time precious? Take a back seat, get it done for you.

Alternatively, if you would like us to manage the process for you here is our price list below. We can offer a cost-effective service. We only advise optimising blog posts which have a search volume on Google so that it can support your lead generation and revenue.


Number of Blog posts to be optimised Fee Timeline
Up to 10 £200 3 Working days
Up to 30 £450 6 Working days
Up to 50 £800 14 Working days


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WOW its converting! Applying Web Basics, Usability (or the all new Algorithm RankBrain)

So know you have got visibility on the search Engine, but people aren’t clicking,

You got the basic:

  • End objective for your blog
  • Impressions on your blog
  • Correct Keywords

How can you improve click through rate? (In marketing speak that is getting people to actually click on your site, and not just scroll to the next result on Google)

  • Top tips to optimise SEO your blog
  • Top ten tips to optimise your blog in (2018)

Which do you think gets more of a click through rate?

As humans we love numbers….. add phycological study…. We often search for a recipe in life so we love ten tips (because if we do those we think we’ll get the answer) or if we add a year and it’s recent we think that is going to help us get the answer whether it is relevant or not – its psychological thing called neurological nearness

Remove distractions try to give people the answer they need to their question in words as opposed to a picture or infographic which could be misinterpreted, there can be a variety of reasons for the high bounce rate for pure images, in my mind it’s mostly when people are doing informational searches which we hope your content is looking to answer – they are in a “logical / word” mindset, they have question… and require a response….

Of course in the words of the creative genius copywriter “Form Follows function”

If you are printing firm and you are writing a blog to inform what the hell bleed is!!  “ don’t forget to leave a bleed” – an image next to title or at least very prominently will help answer the query quickly.

Kaj Lal,
Partner and copywriter

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