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For business owners to succeed (experience significant return on invest) with search engine optimisation, it’s great they have a basic understanding of what’s involved in optimising a website or social property. An experienced SEO agency will encourage clients to know some basics, so they might grow and learn, while their businesses website climbs the search results; it’s also a reasonable way to measure the success of an SEO company.

An intuitive business, that’s focused on consistent lead generations strategies is far more likely to master online exposure that one that’s not..But before optimisation occurs effectively, it’s also good to know about search, and how Google takes a request (a prospect that’s searching for the products and services your business offers) and processes it into results. Matthew “Matt” Cutts leads the web spam team at Google, and works with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues: source Wikipedia SEO agencies tend to pay attention to what he has to say. Here’a a short, insightful video from Matt and the team at Google.



Note that this video is several years old and not completely accurate. Google still gathers information in much the same it has over recent years, but “page rank” (PR) is nowhere near as important as it was. Google have stopped updating PR and replaced it with Page Authority (PA, the authority of a particular webpage) and Domain Authority (DA, the over authority of