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SEO and Services Guide | How CoolBison Search Services Work


The major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo gather their data to deliver the preferred, relevant results you are served on your mobile, tablet or desk top each time a request is made. Know as bots, crawlers or spiders, each engine will use this sophisticated software to crawl trillions of webpages in a milisecond to answer an exact question, request or keyword.

Of all the search engines, Google quickly became the industry leaders and hold more than 80% of all searches around the world. They index a website via their bots (Googlebots,) and store the information in a virtual bank, filing everything relevant (and indexable) in specific areas so they can access these pages when a search is performed.

Our Services Include, But not limited to:

Search engines then use a process where it compares the search string in a search phrase and looks to find what page is most relevant from its database (Its digital bank) The search engines will then calculate which pages hold the most relevancy to a keyword search, using items like how many of the words from the search string appear and their proximity on a website or webpage.

The engines will then respond with your search results and this is what you’ll see on the SERPS pages. Algorithms that govern how engines fetch data are updated hundreds of times each week. The differences you see in search results are determined by the algorithmic updates (Panda/Penguine for example) from the search engines.