Does Your Business Need SEO?


SEO firms market frantically trying to get new business and clients. But we know you found us through recommendation or organic results in the search engines…We don’t do paid advertising but rely solely on the very practice we offer, search engine optimisation.

We usually run at client capacity the whole year round and work with just a handful of new clients at any one time. The reasons why we operate with a limited number is one of the primary reasons businesses tend to choose us for their SEO services and online needs. We carry out all of our own work. We don’t outsource to foreign companies that provide services we can’t thoroughly measure or control.

So choosing a company that’s going to bring you success can have a positive or negative impact. The positive would be new leads, customers and profits. The negative would be spending wastefully on a company that does little for you. But the greatest negative may be spam SEO back-links that are pointing to your website. It can be undone with an SEO Detox but is time consuming and pretty costly.


There are many components to successful Search Engine Optimisation. A typical SEO company understands common elements such as on-page optimisation. This includes optimisation of title, keyword and description HTML tags. A more advanced company may include page speed issues, duplicate content, rich snippet HTML markup and multilingual integration as part of their SEO strategy.

Alongside these elements there is link building campaigns.

CoolBison separate ourselves from our competition because we understand genuine SEO that creates real results. All the elements mentioned above are crucial, but there is a good deal more to creating successful campaigns that stand the test of time and bring a health return on investment.

For example let’s take Social Signals. This includes re-tweets, likes, shares and plus one’s. Google are putting more emphasis on this aspect of SEO because when people are talking about something it demonstrates popularity and relevance. It’s the business of Google to serve up popular, relevant content to its customers and Social Signals are a clear indication of just that.

Social Signals work fine for companies that sell popular, fashionable products such as clothing or cars. But what happens to those businesses that sell excellent products that aren’t so interesting to talk about? You don’t find people regularly sharing about the best solicitor services or a gas engineer’s new radiator valves! The lions share of businesses are at a Google disadvantage simple because of the industry they serve. Some products have a natural share quality, while others don’t.

The Social Signals are just one element of cutting-edge SEO that makes CoolBison a little different from any other SEO company in the UK. We have our own systems and processes in place to ensure your products and services get the vital Social Signals needed for long term SEO success. No other company in the nation can match us and Social Signals are just one of several elements that we thrive in while others lack an awareness of.

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