Basics Of Search Engine Optimisation


If you’re planning your own search engine optimisation to help your website get more traffic and conversions this page is for you. But if you wish to use our best SEO services, and access CoolBison’s expert SEO strategy for your business websites, you may want to have some detail of how we do it…Experience has taught that we are not a well equipped company to teach SEO methods to either clients or those wanting to learn; but we are a premier SEO company that excel in ranking websites and other Social Properties on page one and position one of the real Google search engines. We get results.

Below you’ll find a few of the SEO basics and structures that we implement every time we rank a site. There’s a lot in-between these foundations that we’ve not listed, but this will give you a framework of the skinny basics. From here we are primed for moving up…


Content is the holy grail of converting prospects into customers and clients and it’s an important part of search optimisation. There are sites at the top of Google full of content that doesn’t convert leads into buyers, and the fact remains; if you are in position one of Google for your most relevant keyword phrase but your content is poor, you won’t be converting well. So content is king, of conversion at least. When we say content we mean tools such as, articles, blog posts, video, audio and good “calls to action.”


Google want the most relevant and popular sites to appear first in their results – It’s a measure of authority and one of the growing ways Google prioritize one website above another. It wouldn’t make sense for Google to position a site on page one that isn’t being talked about, shared, liked, tweeted and plus oned, compared to a site that is…So Social Sharing or Signals are becoming evermore important for any business that wants its website ranking in the top of search. CoolBison have this vital component covered, and have skill and technique to bring the social footprint to any website or other social property that we choose.


On-page elements are where most websites fall flat. Consider any website that springs to your mind and understand that what you see on the page is not what bots (also known as spiders or crawlers) see. They see lots of code and have to decipher that code, its readability and relevance.

There is massive influence in a sites position relating to three main elements.

  • The URL – This is the
  • The Page Title – The title of a page
  • The anchor text – Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlink display when linking to another document or location on the web

These three elements are the most important to consider. Over-optimisation basically means that these elements (and the foundations of the content as well) are being used too often on that page and Google may view this a spammy. More importantly it hinders any chance a website has of ranking well, and overrides all other elements of search engine optimisation….So if you plan to improve your own rankings or use an SEO company to do it for you, the on-page elements can be a perfect starting place.


Backlinks (also known as hyperlinks) are links from other web properties that point back to your site. Once upon a time you could simply blast thousands of links to a webpage and rank it high in search results. But this shortcut to success should be largely spent in today’s SEO community UK, but it’s not…And if you are considering an SEO company be sure to ask how they plan to build your link network. Links are still crucial if a site is going to perform well with Google, but the power and authority of the links is far more important than number. Simply put, if you can have powerful and authoritative industry related websites linking back to your site its rankings can improve. But linking works much better when the other elements mentioned above are also in place.

Linking is one of the essentials of SEO where CoolBison have an unfair advantage. We have spent years developing a network of news and media sites that provide valuable content to readers…And because they are our sites we have full control over them. These super powerful sites can be used to help our clients develop quality, relevant and authority driven links back to their web properties. It’s an incredible strategy that provides massive power and perfect control.

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