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Make the most of your marketing budget for Local SEO | Small Business SEO

Before embarking on COOLBISON SEO agency Bristol services (search engine marketing) strategy for your small business, there are some considerations which should be made.

The first thing that you can look at is if people are doing what you need them to do, once they get to your site.  Because if you increase your visibility on Google, but can’t channel people through your site to take the next action, SEO for your small business may not be the right way for you to increase your revenue, since looking at your conversion process may be more immediately effective.

However, that’s not to say your small business still couldn’t benefit from SEO – you could use it to get more traffic to your website to help you understand how people are interacting with your site, and then use that data to improve and optimise it for sales. But, that could prove to be an expensive way forward and PPC may be a better answer for you.


Here are some important questions you need to ask:

  1. Do I have an existing sales funnel? And do I expect SEO to increase sales in my SME directly?
  2. Do I want more visitors to my site to test my idea or product, or improve how a visitor interacts with my site?
  3. Would a technical SEO audit and website analysis be beneficial to your business?



Smart Gains with SEO – Low-Hanging Fruit

The best place for SEO is if your small business has a healthy sales funnel and there is a solid evidence that investing in Google’s Natural Search will help you.

Then SEO could help you test new products or services, adjacent to helping you increase sales on your tried and tested products.

Generally speaking, we’d advise using SEO on your tried and tested products and PPC on your newer ones, that way SEO can build on your strengths. There are times when SEO can be cost-effective for newer services, e.g. if your website holds a lot of authority (if you’d like to know more about that email us, and we can send you a guide on local small business SEO keyword research).

We’d be very cautious about advising a completely new business to use SEO, especially if the products are new.  Again here we’d advise at least trying Pay Per click advertising to test the products and to optimise the user journey on your website.

Check out the COOLBISON WordPress SEO expert guide for a useful next step. 

That means running some ads through such services provided by Google (Google Ads), Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


The Bottom Line

For SEO to be most effective, you should have an existing sales process.

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