SEO is our focus, but Social Media is important in the sales process too, so we’ve partnered with an award winning marketing firm Big Yellow, based in Cirencester, east Gloucestershire.  Now you can listen, understand and engage on the biggest social media platforms efficiently.

If you don’t have the time to commit to Social Media Marketing or are finding it a grind to find the right content and messaging for your audience, Big Yellow can help.

The Cirencester marketing agency can craft and develop content targeted to your market.  The team will advise on the overall strategy and monitor your ROI.  An important element of what Big Yell do is keeping in touch with your existing clients, and developing new prospects.

By keeping a close eye on your business interests through Social Media they will inform you when a new lead or a possible new opportunity could be on the horizon.

As part of your social media strategy, they will use their expertise in design to deliver captivating graphics for events, relevant industry tips, information and quotes to make your content more appealing.

They will keep your business and brand at the forefront of your audiences’ mind on your relevant social media platforms.

Remember, Social Media is your shop front for potential customers so keep it fresh, fun, busy and welcoming! To have a no obligation consultation, please contact Lorna or Rowdy today.

Social Media Cirencester – Meet the team and the numbers!


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Lorna is the Managing Director of social media
Rowdy Fabon is MarComms manager
Rachel is our social media executive
Matt is our digital content executive
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