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On average, there are ten positions on page one of the real Google search results. The coveted top ten spots are ordered by rank. The higher your webpage is on the search engine results page (SERPS), the better your ‘click through rate,’ and ability to hone the right leads for your business. Regardless of the keyword phrase, positions 1, 2 and 3 receive significantly more traffic than the rest of that page. The results found on pages 2 and deeper will get virtually no traffic in comparison- so when it comes to local SEO in the UK or national SEO for global coverage, it’s all about page one. The fact that so much attention goes to so few listings means that there will always be a demand for search engine optimisation, whether you are in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Financial incentive and SEO marketing go hand in hand. Regardless of the minor or major changes that occur in tomorrow’s search engine optimisation, websites and businesses will compete with each other for this attention, and for the brand awareness and visibility it provides. 

Local SEO and National SEO can produce massive returns on investment and grow businesses to new levels, provided the search engine marketing is executed perfectly, thereby insuring a top three position in the search engines. 

As a part of your return on investment, the keyword phrases your business ranks for are critical to any online success, and growth in revenue your business experiences.Marcus Rockey CoolBison SEO Bristol 2015.


Let me assume that you recognize the huge value of search engine optimisation for your business. You have some kind of marketing budget at your disposal and see that SEO can give you the greatest return on your investment.

The degree of financial benefit your business receives from SEO has a lot to do with the keyword phrases your optimized for, and how visible your website is for those keywords. 

Your business – optimized for the best local SEO keywords

If you’re a private vet and based in Bristol you will mostly likely want a page 1, top 3 position, for keyword phrases like “vets in bristol” or “best vet in bristol”. Having your website appear in the top 3 when an animal owner searches for these keyword phrases, could be beneficial for your businesses online exposure, and getting new leads and customers.

Q1. Return on investment…are there animal owners that are actually using these chosen keyword phrases to find a vet in the Bristol area?


Yes and No. A vet would certainly benefit from a top 3 Google ranking for the keyword “vets in bristol,” but as you can see, “best vet in bristol” has zero searches per month.

If your website is ranking number one in Google for a keyword phrase, you can expect around 70% of all searchers to visit your website – in this instance you’d have around 180 visits per month…And these are targeted visitors that are actively looking for the very services you provide.

However, if you were instead ranking at the top of Google for “best vet in bristol” you would see virtually no benefit, and certainly no return on investment for this particular keyword phrase.

So, an SEO company that’s going to bring your business profit through search engine marketing, must be optimizing your webpages for keyword phrases that are actually being searched for, and are utterly relevant to your business, it’s products and services, and even its brand.

Q2. Local SEO service costs…is the SEO company offering cheap, cookie-cutter, blanket prices?


Because ever business is different and has varying profit forecasts, blanket pricing signals that an SEO company doesn’t really understand business.

Sticking with our vet example above, we can say that the average new customer arriving directly from the website, that is ranking at the top of page 1, spent an average of £275 on their first visit. If the appointment goes well and the new customer is very happy with the service, they will book again, leading to more revenue. Of the 180 visits a month via the one keyword “vets in bristol,” we can estimate a modest conversion rate of [visitor into customer] as 10%. Although, you should expect a better conversion than this for veterinary services.

With our modest estimates the vet now has 18 new customers a month, paying an average of £275 each | £4950 of new revenue, directly from effective search engine optimisation.

A business website that is ranked in the top 3 of the Google search engines for a well-suited keyword phrase will most likely bring additional revenues. But return on investment SEO services, will have the website ranking for other related keyword phrases. Let’s look at more keywords a Bristol vet might want to rank for:

The search results above are a combined of 540 unique searches for a vet in the Bristol area. Being in the number 1 position, a 70% click-through rate brings around 380 new visitors to the vets’ website. A modest 10% conversion would bring 38 new customers, all paying our average guesstimate of £275 each | new revenue for this keyword cluster | £10,450 + £4,950 for our previous keyword result, and the vets new income can be assumed as £15,400.

Yes, there is slight guesswork in regard to the average spend of a new customer, but we are always edging on the side of caution, and predicting a worst-case scenario for top, relevant, website visitors. Ensuring the vet is positioning itself for repeat custom, the long-term revenue will be significantly greater than these numbers.