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“It takes continued education and lots of testing to find the blend of good quality web traffic reaching a high converting website.

That’s the big trick to getting more back than what you put in“. Marcus Rockey, Bristol SEO consultant

This is the basic formula that allows us to work in our business instead of on our website. CoolBison has been helping our clients to do this since 2015.

Working with the CoolBison team has been a very positive experience. Their depth of knowledge is impressive, and the results have spoken for themselves. We now rank on the first page of Google for all of our keywords so it’s a job well done.

Jack Doran, marketing manager.

We just had our most successful Black Friday ever, thank you. Specialized is now considering the strategy internationally.

Matt Power, head of web development.

Thanks for the great work you do. We want to continue our relationship, working with you closely.

Craig Griffiths, account manager, performance marketing dept.

Clarity on needs

Businesses at different points in their online journey:

  1. The business is established. We have products/services that are selling. We want to take the next step and grow beyond the traffic we already get online. Our website is not meeting its potential.
  2. We have decent volumes of traffic but our site isn’t converting well. More traffic is great but we want emails and/or phone calls (For E-commerce that probably means direct online sales)
  3. We are a startup and still getting established

5-Minutes is all it takes to complete our Exposure Form. We respond with a manual audit of your website.

Sturdy business websites that appear well in Google search results have some things in common.


Their website is Google friendly. So, it loads quickly, has tight security, performs well on mobile, desktop and tablet devices


It’s established as an entity. That means, to a degree, Google trust the website


There are trusted links pointing to different pages on the website. If you didn’t know, a link is a vote. Website [A] likes content on website [B] and links to it as a useful resource

These are fundamentals. Any business that is appearing well in search for ‘revenue’ type keywords will have the above criteria already established. See SEO Marcus Rockey for more information.

SEO versus other forms of lead generation

Trade shows, magazine publications and radio advertising can be a good fit for many types of business. If you have success with these methods, keep doing them.

Unless you are a purely online business, search engine optimisation is not going to (at least in the short term) replace your current methods of lead generation. SEO will work better as an addition – another strong pillar that supports your business.

Marcus Rockey, CoolBison SEO agency Bristol.

CoolBison seo Bristol were established in July 2015

Time to impact

Research into search engine marketing will tell you that SEO can take some time. It’s true in most cases, but not all.

The keyword phrases that bring ideal website traffic can determine how quickly a properly executed seo campaign will take.



A local car hire company starting an SEO campaign to the top of Google will take some time. They’ll be going up against a flurry of national brands like AVIS, Hertz and Sixt. So, for local SEO, the competitiveness of keywords such as ‘car hire Bristol’ is well above the regional average.

Depending on the website, the campaign is likely taking anywhere from 8 to 12 months.



A business serving a tight catchment area or city region such as Clifton, Bristol is far easier to optimise. There are fewer competing websites or businesses to get ahead of. In many cases, any half decent 10-page website will rank for a local phrase without the need for an SEO agency or SEO consultant.

A good example might be a local private therapist or barber shop.


A business that wishes to rank on a national scale will take time. Many keywords phrases that exclude a city name have a larger number of competing for websites to battle with.




screenshot of a Google search for Bristol seo services
keywords searches for Bristol businesses
CoolBison is a Bristol user experience UX agency
CoolBison SEO is a creative agency for local businesses
CoolBison digital marketing company in central Bristol BS2 8QJ
CoolBison provider of local search engine optimisation services in Bristol and South West England
Bristol search engine marketing with CoolBison
Our seo services in Bristol and in-house with a small, dedicatated team of online professionals





Industries like interior designing, wedding photography and the building industry with lots of competing businesses that would benefit for a top spot in Google search.

A wedding photographer can have a decent increase in website visitors, telephone calls and emails when they appear in the top few positions for a keyword phrase like ‘wedding photographer Bristol’.


This local phrase averages over 1,500 monthly searches

We look for a website ranked in the third spot of Google to gain a minimum of 375 website visits per month from that keyword ranking.

Keep in mind, this is a single keyword phrase. There are always synonyms and variations of the seed phrases that yield their own pool of search traffic. With the growth in voice search, detailed keyword requests will continue to grow.

It is when a business ranks for multiple industry keywords that search engine optimisation can begin to have a major impact on sales and growth.


A bit about us

Head over to CoolBison Bristol About page for more information on us.

Who can we help?

To boil our ideal client down into a single extrapolation, they look something like:

  • Small to medium-sized business
  • Team size 8 to 40 persons
  • Established products or services
  • Operating for 5 years or more
  • Looking at search engine optimisation improvement in the form of more traffic and sales
  • Passionate about their business and looking to support our work where possible
  • Bristol or South West / South Wales based

We have clients that fit this criteria and have remained part of the fabric of our business since 2015. We go about cherishing their websites and ensuring they are Found in Google for the keywords phrases that connect them to their future customers.

The industry type is less important to the item types listed above but we have thrived in health, automotive, building and design.



Get in touch, ideally completing our Exposure form.

If we feel we can help your business, you can get a thorough manual audit of your website with recommendations, timelines and costs.

The final step is to arrange a face to face meeting to run through your campaign and clarify questions you might have.