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Our Search Engine Optimisation is not for all businesses.

We select the clients and businesses we work with very carefully and have a reasonable set of criteria to be met for us to proceed.

Our SEO “SPRINT” services are proven to work across Google.

Here is a typical client we might work with:


An established, active and healthy business.

The SPRINT method suits businesses that are running well but wish to move much faster to grow online. We don’t work with start-ups, adult or gambling-themed websites.


Already have a steady (or slow) flow of leads and customers.

It means you are already generating leads online or offline and are selling your products or services. You spend money on marketing/advertising and promoting your business. We don’t expect you to be a global brand or household name – instead, you have a presence in your marketplace.


A product or service that you stand by.

Our work for your business will bring more leads, sales and profits, accomplished by significantly increasing online exposure, coupled with goodwill in your market.



The other SEO agencies you talk with want to sign you into long-term contracts with monthly retainers. We are trained to work in short-term SEO “SPRINTS”—Measurable outcomes with a start and end date. You can quickly identify a precise cost for a defined outcome.


That’s it. Those are our requirements.

If you feel your business meets the criteria, we’d like to speak with you about improving your online results. But remember, we work with a limited number of clients or websites during a SPRINT cycle. We’ll let you know about our capacity after you’ve completed the form on this page.


Next step.

You need to fill in the Discovery Form below. It’s pretty unobtrusive. We ask some basic questions about what you sell and what you want to accomplish. We’ll look at your current online presence and standing with Google, as well as your products and offers. With the important information you provide, we’ll deliver a custom plan to increase your online exposure, leads, and revenue.


Complete the form below now. It takes about ten minutes.