Technical SEO Audit

SEO Checklists to improve search performance

Tailored by CoolBison –  a manual approach to site analysis.


Professional SEO Audits are an in-depth analysis of a website its pages, posts, images, and PDF documents. It studies how Web User and Search Engine friendly it is.


Agencies tend to use software’s to run an SEO audit. CoolBison combines software’s with a human eye that offers additional layers of analysis. It lends to a deeper understanding of user experience and identifies design errors.

We like to start all campaigns with a technical SEO Audit. The outcome includes a set of recommendations that will improve how search engines (SEO) and users (user experience) respond to a website.

With the baseline of all future tasks determined, there is a clear roadmap to improving site health.

What is involved in an SEO Audit?

We list assignments in a question format, as listed below:

– Is the website mobile friendly? If so, how well does it work on different device types such as a tablet?
Across all industries, around 60% of all searches are on mobile, so there is great importance in user experience and search engine friendliness.

– Is the content quickly crawled by search bots? It includes pages, posts, images, and PDF documents. Is there content that should be omitted from search results?

– Are URL structures search engine friendly?

– Is the same content appearing on more than one page or post?
Duplicated content impacts how Web Pages are indexed in search results. Duplication may also factor in poor user experience.

– Are title tags and headlines used efficiently? Is metadata duplicated on other parts of the website?

– Has Schema mark up been deployed on pages, posts or sitewide? Schema vocabulary continues to grow in importance, and tests indicate that well-written Schema sustains positive search results.

– Has the Website and Brand indexed in Bing and Yahoo? If so, is there a detailed knowledge panel containing business information such as contact information, directions, and review ratings (Important for brick-n-mortar business with a physical address that customers visit)?

– Does the website load quickly on desktop and mobile?

– Is the website secure such as having HTTPS status?

– Are Google search console and Google Analytics verified and do the correct people have access?

– Is site structure favourable for search bots and users?

– Is fresh content added to the website and if so at what intervals?

– Is there a blog and is it optimised for search results?

– What visible improvements can be made to content to improve user experience?

Our Technical SEO Audit Checklists provide a range of recommendations based on the importance of SEO improvement and user experience. Learn a bit more about CoolBison SEO Bristol.

–> Audits need to be practical and support the objectives of the business.

SEO Audits are designed to:

  1. Help a website appear higher in search results for search phrases that are meaningful
  2. Support businesses in maintaining an optimal web experience for Users
  3. Help Web Users enjoy an optimal experience where they might return


CoolBison provides detailed audits for:

– Local businesses

– Non-profits

– Larger brands (looking for national exposure)

– Ecommerce

– Affiliate marketers

To initiate an audit for your website, Complete our Exposure Form, and Marcus (lead SEO) will be in touch to see if we can help.


SEO Audits – what is included by priority? Any amendments are considered upon the time and expertise needed to make changes, the potential impact of those changes and how soon improvements can be realised within search results.


Website Architecture

  • Domain access
  • Canonical tags (which is the best page for a piece of content)
  • Broken links and internal redirects (301’s and 302’s)
  • Content nofollow/noindex
  • Site structure (includes siloing or virtual siloing, categories and tags)
  • Branded 404 error page
  • Sitemaps to index page, post, images, categories, tags, projects
  • Robots.txt file commands


Technical Issues

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Inner linking and link texts
  • Duplicate content
  • Site speed
  • Server security


HTML and Metadata

  • Title tag optimisation
  • Description optimisation
  • Image optimisation including filenames and alternative texts
  • Schema vocab
  • Inner anchor text, keyword density of anchors and duplication
  • Google My Business and knowledge panel results


Off-page (performance issues apart from the website)

  • Backlink audits
  • Potential link detox
  • Citation links and consistency of business information across listings
  • External link anchor text ratios compared to competitors, target keywords and their monthly search volumes


Items listed are not conclusive and may differ.

To take advantage of our Technical checklist’s SEO audit, visit this page.

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Marcus Rockey is the founder of CoolBison, helping a number of Local Businesses and National Websites with search engine optimisation services. He also runs a handful of successful eCommerce and Affiliate Websites and is supporting two daughters to learn about SEO.

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